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What our clients say

I recently moved to Cyprus and opened a new business.

I was worried that I would struggle to find an accountant who I could communicate with as my Greek is very weak. Until I met Philippo Hadjizacharias. Not only is he fluent with English, I was immediately filled with confidence in him and his firm. Very professional and open at the same time. At this point, I would be happy to recommend him to anyone. A one stop shop for all your business requirements.

It is a pleasure to have a relationship with a firm that genuinely provides personalized service and takes a real interest in the progress of our company. The staff are conscientious and have the clients interest at heart. It is extremely important for our compa- ny to be able to get fast turnaround on issues and to be able to pick up the phone or just call in to discuss makes our life easier. Very professional group of people at PHS

Dr. George Antoniades

Oroklini Dental Care - Managing Partner

J&M Reinsurance Brokers LTD - Managing Director

Jack G. Theodosi

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